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Club 100 Plus, a private investors (Angels) club, enables its members to create diversified investments portfolios tailored to each member's personal preferences, with relatively small investment amounts, and with a high probability of success relative to the risk involved.


Since its inception, the Club has made some 80 investments totaling $140 million, with half going to start-up companies and the rest to real estate, alternative funds and other sectors.
The Club operates through an investment committee of 40 members, all highly experienced in management and investments, who play a pivotal role in the Club's activity and investment screening process.

Currently the club has nearly 1000 members who joined mainly on the basis of personal acquaintance.  Club members are businessmen/women, senior executives, entrepreneurs, high-tech people, lawyers, physicians and members of other liberal professions, all having in common the will and capacity to invest in a variety of enterprises, each according to their personal preferences.

New members are allowed to join the club through personal acquaintance with the investment committee members or through a membership application form.
Club membership is free of charge.



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The Club's mission is to form a leading high-quality membership group in the market with an interest in real investments, and to introduce its members to promising investments of varying risk levels, mainly in the fields of technology, biomed, alternative funds and real estate.  The Club enables its members to create a real investment portfolio tailored to personal preferences, with a high probability of success relative to the risk level.  The Club is not an investment fund and does not manage the members' money.  For each investment, a dedicated investment group is formed and incorporated ad hoc to make the specific investment, usually as a registered partnership.
Accumulated experience shows that most Club members participate in the two investment arms – start-up companies, and real estate/alternative funds, thus creating a real investment portfolio that is balanced in terms of risk.

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The Club identifies quality investment opportunities for its members. It is not, however, an investment fund and does not manage its members' money.  Members participate only in investments of their choice, based on personal preferences and risk appetite.


For each investment, an ad hoc group of investors forms and is incorporated as a dedicated legal entity, usually a registered partnership.  With a relatively small amount of money, it is possible to build a diverse portfolio of real investments with substantial returns relative to the risk.

The Club operates through an investment committee of 40 members, all business leaders in their field, with years of experience in management and investments.  Thus, the investment screening is of the highest quality. 
Investment committee members do not act solely in an advisory capacity, but also participate in the various investments to a significant extent.  An investment is offered to all Club members only if at least six members of the investment committee have expressed an interest in it.

The investment agreement is generally prepared by a lawyer who is an investment committee member personally participating in the investment.  The remuneration of the management team is largely based on the investments' success.


The Club's various investment meetings promote interpersonal acquaintance, which is further fostered by Club-sponsored social events, such as evening or weekend get-togethers, etc.

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31 MAY


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